9 Crucial Laundry Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Clothes


Many people believe that working a washing machine is like a walk in the park. Washing machines are incredibly convenient and easy to use household appliances; however, doing laundry for the first time may be quite tricky for first-timers.

That is the reason that pushed us to make a list of mistakes to avoid that could result not only in not being able to operate the machine but also in ruining your clothes.

Overly high water temperature

Clothes will maintain their dimensions and coloring better and will extend their lifespan if washed at low temperatures. An effective detergent and an even better washing machine will do all the work to get the filth. As for water, be it warm or cool, lower temperatures will do the job just as good unless you are washing towels or linen; those need a temperature of 190°F to get properly sterilized.

Loading the machine with heavily stained clothes

Separate stained clothing, as some spots require specific treatments before you can put the garment into the washing machine. It is favored not to wash or dry stained clothes in the machine; otherwise, the stains will settle in with heat making them tricky to remove. Try your best to take off as much of the stain either by hand or by using stain removers. Plus, there are some quick DIYs you can use to make your stain remover. For example, lemon juice, which is an efficient cleaner, is used to take off sweat spots. Another tip is to use a solution out of vinegar and laundry detergent to take off grass stains or use a ratio of 3 to 1 of water and baking soda to take-off wine spots.

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