11 Habits that Could Have Bad Consequences on us


We all make our choices based on our daily routines which eventually become habits that we cannot get rid of. Our decisions in life, even the smallest ones, which we take for granted can have a number of consequences that we often don’t give much importance. Unfortunately, these choices and decisions could be harmful for us on a long term.

What we choose to eat, to drink, to wear, the time we do them, the way we do them can all seem unimportant, or at least very normal, which can be the case. However, sometimes, we are too distracted to see through the actions we make and sometimes we are convinced that what we are doing is the best thing for us. This article will point out 11 habits that are to be avoided starting from today as they represent a great harm for us.

1. Crossing Legs While Sitting

You might want to appear cool and elegant by sitting with your legs crossed, as it might just be another habits of yours. But let me tell you that having your legs crossed for a long period of time can make you suffer from a lot of health issues on a long term.

As elegant as it might seem, legs crossed while sitting can damage your posture and cause you spinal issues. The other problems which can result from this habit of sitting are varicose veins, pelvic imbalance, high blood pressure and the list goes on.

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